Indoor Migraine Glasses with FL-41 Tint

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  • FL-41 TINT: Hooga indoor migraine glasses are expertly tinted with the FL-41 filter that blocks the most harmful blue and green wavelengths that can cause migraines and photophobia.

  • REDUCE LIGHT SENSITIVITY:  Hooga indoor migraine glasses block fluorescent and bright lighting so you can stop migraines before they start as well as provide relief for existing migraines.  Our glasses also help with eye strain and fatigue while working on a computer or other digital devices.

  • DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: Hooga migraine glasses are made with the best materials possible. Our tinted migraine glasses are made with TR90 thermoplastic materials which are lightweight, durable, and flexible so they can contour to your face comfortably. All of our glasses are unisex and will fit nearly all adults.

  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Nearly 12% of the population suffers from migraines. Hooga migraine glasses are an easy and cost effective option to give to someone you know who is suffering from migraines. Or, maybe you know somebody that is in constant exposure with the harmful wavelengths that come from electronic devices. Our migraine glasses with the FL - 41 filter will filter these bright lights out that can cause eye strain and light sensitivity.

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Nearly 90% of our customers noticed relief from migraine symptoms and light sensitivity. However, these glasses do not work for everyone. So if you order one of our glasses and do not experience the relief you are looking for or are for any reason unsatisfied with your purchase we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!