Hooga Non-Blue Light Emitting Rechargeable Desk Lamp

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💡Mild, amber hue light has a reduction of 99.94% of blue spectrum light to promote the generation of melatonin in the dark or night time and lower eye pain. A short of blue light aids melanopsin receptors available in the retina gives a signal to the brain for the secretion of melatonin in getting ready for sleep.

💡The Hoogalite Rechargeable Desk Lamp is not only sleep friendly, but also lightweight, portable and travel friendly. Weighing in at only 7oz this light is perfect for moving from desk to nightstand, and back to desk.

💡Flexible, silicone gooseneck with three brightness settings allows for a customized lighting experience. This is especially useful when working at your desk and easily being able to change the area of illumination.

💡The Hoogalite features a high capacity, rechargeable 1200mAh lithium ion battery that powers 14 bright LED amber lights that do not flicker. Up to 10 hours of usage on low setting before needing to be recharged. Every Hoogalite purchase includes a free, 36 inch USB charging cable which can be used to charge the desk lamp to a full charge.

💡Use this rechargeable desk lamp as an alternative to wearing blue blocker glasses while working or studying after dark.