Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

How Exactly Does Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy Work?

The short answer: Improved Mitochondrial Function

The most widely studied mechanism of action having to do with red and near infrared light therapy is increased mitochondrial function within the cells of our bodies. Wavelengths of red and near infrared light have the ability to penetrate our body and stimulate the mitochondria (which are the energy power plants of our cells) to produce more energy. Energized cells are healthy cells and healthy cells have an increased ability to carry out their normal, everyday functions which results in better overall health and wellness! 

How can red and near infrared light affect the mitochondria in our cells? Well, there our photoreceptors within our cells known as cytochrome c oxidase, and the photons that are found in red and near infrared interact with the cytochrome c oxidase. It is this interaction that stimulates the mitochondria within our cells to use oxygen more efficiently, which ends up resulting in the mitochondria having an increased ability to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which ultimately leads to more energy for our cells to do their job!

Check out this study if you're interested in learning more. Listed below are just some of the many benefits of red and near infrared light therapy! And again, all of these benefits come back to the main mechanism of action, which is increased mitochondrial function. When our cells have more energy, they operate more efficiently and we feel better.

1. Improved Skin Health & Skin Appearance

2. Reduced Inflammation

3. Improved Muscle Recovery

4. Improved Circulation

5. Skin Health

6. Hair Growth

7. Increased Testosterone in Men

8. Cellular Health

9. Increased Sleep Quality/Sleep Optimization

10. Improved Energy

11. Decreased Wound Healing Times

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