HG500 Red Light Therapy

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The HG500 is just a little larger focused red and NIR (Near Infrared Light) therapy device carrying 100 single 5W LEDs releasing both red and NIR (near-infrared light) at a 1:1 ratio. The device measures 18.8" x 8.2" x 2.7" and weighs about 12 lbs. The angle of the beam is 60 degrees (approx). The panel comes with an instruction manual, a door mount, and hanging kit.
  • ✅EFFECTIVE, SPECIFIC WAVELENGTHS: Different wavelengths of light are measured in nanometers (nm). Wavelengths in the mid 600 and mid 800 nm range have been found to be particularly beneficial to the human body. The HG500 Red Light Therapy Panel emits two specific wavelengths, 660nm (Red) and 850nm (NIR) in equal proportions to deliver the perfect combination of light therapy. Red light is best for skin treatments, while NIR is best for deep tissue treatments.
  • ✅HIGH POWER OUTPUT: Power output, also known as irradiance, measures power output per area and is usually measured in milliwatts per square centimeter. The ideal standard in red and NIR light therapy devices is 100mw/cm2 in the area. The Hooga HG500 releases a high irradiance of 100 mw/cm2 areas and 80mw/cm2 (approx) at a 6-inch distance that brings outcome in faster and powerful treatment times.
  • ✅CUSTOMIZED TREATMENTS: The HG500 comes equipped with two power switches. The first power switch allows the user to turn on the 50 Red (660nm) emitting LEDS while the second power switch allows for the user to turn on the 50 NIR (850nm) LEDS. This helps the user to manage their treatment experience and gain either red, NIR, or both wavelengths together. The panel also features a whisper quiet internal fan that dissipates heat and ensures the unit does not overheat.
  • ✅HANGING KIT & MANUAL INCLUDED: The HG500 comes with a metal fitting that fits over a standard door, as well as an adjustable hanging kit attached to the panel that allows for treatment at different heights. The hanging kit also helps for easier storage and friendliness of utilization. Simply place the metal fitting over the top of a door, hang the panel at desired height, and plug in the panel. The panel can also be held by our hand, hung on any convenient fixture, or kept on any flat surface at the time of treatment.
  • 💸TWO YEAR WARRANTY: If at any time within 60 days you find that you are unhappy with your Hooga HG500 Red Light Therapy panel, you are welcome to return it for a full refund. To help you feel more comfortable with your purchase, we also offer a 2 year (24 month) warranty. If any issues were to arise with the panel that were not a result of misuse, we will happily either replace the panel or repair it for you.