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Why Choose Hooga?

We offer the most affordable red light therapy devices on the market without comprising effectiveness, safety, or necessary features. We do so by keeping our costs low and passing those savings on to our customers. We don’t spend money on celebrity and athlete endorsements, nor do we include unnecessary features on our devices that make the device more expensive. In fact, we created our devices after one of our founders had purchased a small targeted device from a well known company and couldn’t believe how much they charged for it. Since then, it has been our mission to provide effective, affordable red light therapy devices to the average person dealing with everyday issues who doesn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for their red light therapy devices.

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Awesome products, especially for the money. I did a lot of research and Hooga gives you the best bang for your buck. Affordable, easy to use, and powerful. My skin has never looked better.

- Judy Johnson

I love my full body device from Hooga, the HG1500. I use it every day for a couple of minutes when I get out of the shower. I feel energized and ready for the day after, plus I'm sleeping better than ever and my skin looks great.

- David Jones

I purchased the HG300 to treat arthritis in my hands and it is helped me tremendously. I do a daily treatment for 5 minutes on my hands and the pain is gone. Thank you Hooga!

- Craig Collins