Earthing and Grounding: A Comprehensive Guide

Earthing and Grounding: A Comprehensive Guide

It’s a long-known fact that the sun is our primary source of energy that supports life on Earth. But, it is unknown to some that Mother Earth also releases subtle forms of energy. The energy that it releases is the grassroots concept of earth grounding aimed for the benefit of the human body.

Earth grounding is a therapeutic practice that dates back to ancient civilization. The notion is to connect the body to the conductive earth to absorb the energy that it radiates. The grounding practice keeps the body’s functioning balanced and solves a wide range of health maladies.

What Is Earth Grounding?

Grounding is the practice of connecting the body physically to the ground to help it absorb the electrical frequencies.

According to science, both the earth and the human body are electrically charged. The direct contact between them provides a pathway for the natural flow of energy. The idea of earth grounding is similar to why electrical appliances need electrical grounding: to prevent damage from electrical surges.

Humans live with a wide spectrum of energy and frequencies around them. And for thousands of years, they were able to adapt to these energies. However, the advancement of technology makes it harder for us to keep up. As our body’s internal energy messes up, it results in chronic stress and illnesses.

Man-made radiation radiates from electrical equipment, mobile phones, wireless devices, and many other gadgets. We can’t totally get rid of them because these sources are also essential to our daily lives. However, exposure to a high level of radiation for a long time is damaging to one’s health.

When we ground our body, the electrical flow inside slows down. It’s essential in improving the viscosity of blood, the circulatory process and the overall function of the body.

History of Grounding

Our ancestors unknowingly practiced grounding. They used to roam the earth barefoot. This constituted their daily life, so the details of how it worked out for them were rarely regarded.

Traditional Chinese medicine may be the earliest evidence of earth grounding. They acknowledged the presence of natural forces and used them to heal the body. They call the vital energy “qi” (pronounced as chee).

The study of the earth’s natural energies became more widespread, and people were encouraged to walk outdoors barefooted.

Clint Ober, a pioneer in the cable system industry, delved deeper into understanding grounding through research. He worked to develop earthing products like grounding mats, which imitate the frequency that the earth produces.

Is Grounding Just Hype?

Grounding and the use of grounding products existed for the last couple of decades. But, it wasn’t until the frenzy of social media placed it back into the spotlight. Influencers reintroduced earth grounding and have now amassed wider acceptance. 

Advocates in grounding encourage others to spend more time outdoors, in bare feet. Sleeping on the ground and using grounding mats when indoors (link to The Ultimate Guide to Using Earthing Mats for a Good Night's Sleep) is also recommended.

The rage over earth grounding isn’t only because it’s turned into a social media trend; more people have begun embracing grounding therapy because of its positive health benefits.

Benefits of Grounding

Personal experience evidenced the effectiveness of grounding in many aspects of health. These anecdotal claims align with the scientific research evidence published.

Accordingly, grounding may help in:

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

When a person is stressed out, the body secretes cortisol or stress hormones. Cortisol is good at a certain level, helping boost immunity and improving the natural stress reaction. However, in prolonged secretion, cortisol causes psychological distress.

Grounding is found to reduce the risk of this distress by managing cortisol production as it happens. The free electrons absorbed by the body during the process reduce stress and prevent the development of mental and psychological problems.

Improves the Sleep Quality

When cortisol production is toned down, the body relaxes. The deep relaxation induces uninterrupted sleep and helps the body restore its processes at rest. Grounding not only improves one’s quality of sleep but also affects their overall mood and positive vibes.

Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Direct body contact with the ground calms chronic pain and inflammation. The electrons the body absorbs pair with the free radicals present in the body. When these damaging free radicals are neutralized, the electrons heal any inflammation, reduce pain, and decrease allergic reactions.

Stabilizes the Blood Pressure Level

The wonders of electrons in a bioelectric body also serve an excellent purpose in promoting cardiovascular health. Grounding improves blood viscosity and minimizes blood clotting. Through it, the body can maintain its blood pressure and boost circulation.

How to Do Grounding Outdoors

Earth grounding is a simple task: walk outdoors with your bare feet for at least 20 minutes. You can also do sleep grounding, letting much of your bare skin graze the earth.

Lakes and natural bodies of water also produce these negative ions that get absorbed when you submerge. The purpose is for the skin to come into contact with the ground. So, remove your footwear, which insulates you from the conductive energy of the earth.

Here are a few more outdoor earth grounding techniques you can do:

  • Press your bare hands into the grass or ground
  • Stand in the sand with bare feet
  • Sit in a chair and let your bare feet graze the ground
  • Go swimming
  • Do gardening

How to Do Grounding Indoors

You can also practice grounding indoors using a grounding mat. There are different forms of grounding tools that make routine earthing convenient and accessible.

Grounding equipment like Hooga products are conductive materials enclosed in fabrics. They are plugged into the ground port of the electrical installation outlet, and users lay their bare skin on them.

Grounding equipment can be a:

  • Grounding mat
  • Grounding sheet
  • Grounding blanket
  • Socks
  • Blanket
  • Yoga mat
  • Mousepad

Are Grounding Tools Safe?

Grounding tools don’t have a positive charge, so they are safe. However, since you’re still dealing with electricity, you want to make sure that all of your equipment is clean and dry.

Some users report weird feelings upon first use, such as nausea. But over time, the body will get attuned and adapt to it.

For a successful and positive grounding experience, start doing it in small increments of time. Increase the number of minutes you can spend on the grounding mat until you can lay on it for a longer period.


The ancient philosopher Ge Hong once said that people reside within qi, and qi resides within people. When we reconnect with natural forces, our body becomes more in sync with Mother Earth. This is what gives us the balance not just on the spiritual but also on the physiological aspect.

With the plethora of benefits and more studies affirming its effectiveness, earth grounding is certainly here to stay. In the buzzing world of pulsating energies, grounding holds out hope for people to find balance amidst the chaos.

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