How Much Does Red Light Therapy Cost?

How Much Does Red Light Therapy Cost?

The cost of red light therapy depends on a range of factors, including what you are using it for, the duration and frequency of each treatment, your location, and if you are using an at-home device or seeking professional services.

Generally, it costs $25 to $150 or more per professional session. The price of buying an at-home device upfront may be expensive, but it is cost-effective over time. On the other hand, while each professional treatment may be expensive, it offers more intense red light therapy, which could mean faster results.

Cost of At-Home Red Light Therapy Device

The cost of at-home red light therapy devices varies from one device to another depending on its specifications, design, size, and brand reputation. Generally, handheld wands and small panels are more affordable, while larger and more advanced devices are more expensive.

At-home red light devices deliver long-term value as there are typically no additional costs involved for each session. They are also designed for repeated use. 

Our Hooga red light devices start at $120 for the HG200 model and up to $3999 for HGPRO Ultra.

Although relatively affordable, the HG200 offers impressive features for great red light therapy. It has a targeted, high-power red light therapy device fitted with 40 LEDs emitting light in equal intensity. It also comes with an inbuilt timer function and a foldable tabletop stand fitted at the back of the unit. It is a great fit if you are looking for a red light therapy device to improve your skin health, increase your overall energy levels, speed up wound healing, or reduce pain and inflammation.

On the other hand, the HGPRO Ultra is a full-body red light therapy panel emitting red and infrared light. It emits 660nm of red light and 850nm of infrared light. One of its top advantages is that it is large enough to treat your entire body at once. It enhances sleep quality, reduces joint pain, increases cellular energy production, and improves endurance and performance.

Tips for Getting the Best Value for Money on At-Home Red Light Therapy Device

To ensure you get the best value for your money and optimal results, consider the following tips when buying an at-home red light therapy device.

  • Research and compare different devices in the market. Check their features and specifications to narrow down options that suit your needs and preferences. Also, check customer reviews to ensure that the product is reputable and does what the manufacturer says it does. Read both positive and negative reviews on different platforms.
  • Wavelength and power specifications. Go for a device that emits the appropriate red light wavelength to effectively deliver the benefits you are keen on. Regarding power output, the higher it is, the more efficient it is likely to be and the more noticeable the results. Some devices have adjustable intensity levels to customize settings based on your treatment needs.
  • Treatment area and coverage. Smaller devices cover smaller treatment areas at a time, while larger ones have a wider coverage. Smaller devices are suitable for specific body parts, while larger ones can be used for full-body coverage.
  • Ease of use. You want a device that is easy to use. It should have intuitive controls, and the user manual should provide clear setup and troubleshooting instructions.
  • Quality and safety. Go for at-home red light therapy devices from reputable and well-established brands. Also, look for devices that have been tested and pass FDA-cleared safety standards.

Professional Red Light Therapy

Professional red light therapy is offered in professional settings such as wellness clinics and dermatology offices to treat common skin conditions such as acne, stretch marks, rosacea, and psoriasis. It can also treat and manage conditions such as back pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

Professional red light therapy costs vary widely depending on the clinic, location, and what it is used for. A session can cost as low as $40 up to $150. Your provider can stipulate a fixed cost per session or offer a package depending on the duration and frequency of treatments and whether you will get additional services.

To determine the exact cost of your treatment, start by selecting a clinic or spa. Consult with a specialist about what you are seeking treatment for. They will recommend a treatment plan, including the exact procedures that will be carried out, intensity, frequency, and duration. They will then come up with a cost estimate for you.


The actual cost of red light therapy varies widely. It first and foremost depends on the condition it is being used for. Secondly, whether you will be using an at-home device or seeking professional services. Thirdly, it depends on the duration and frequency of treatment.

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