The Natural Solution to EMF Radiation: Understanding Earthing

The Natural Solution to EMF Radiation: Understanding Earthing

We live surrounded by a whole spectrum of electromagnetic forces or EMF. Not even science can do anything to block us from them. What we have for the moment, however, is the optimistic concept of earthing. It suggests using grounding mats to help reduce EMF substantially. And this method can help deal with many health issues.

Earthing, or grounding, has existed for many centuries, although the practice is generally not given much attention. According to its consensus, the human body needs to be grounded to the Earth to balance its ions and internal environment. Doing so may result in many health benefits, including the prevention of cell damage.

Grounding is reconnecting. While it requires individuals to stay outdoors and connect with the Earth, it is not possible all the time. That's why there are also supportive grounding products made specifically to produce the same effect.

But how hard can living with EMF be, and what can we do to mitigate their damages?

What Is EMF Radiation?

An electromagnetic field (EMF) is a combination of electric and magnetic fields of force created by natural phenomena or through human activity. It is also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR). In layman’s terms, we simply refer to it as the radiation.

The sun is the primary source of radiation. Solar radiation includes visible light, ultraviolet light, and heat or infrared. These radiations are necessary for supporting life on Earth.

An EMF may also be man-made that is produced anywhere electricity is used. Diagnostic equipment like X-rays and other imaging machines also make EMRs. The gadgets that we use, such as cell phones, also create low-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Knowing their origins is realizing how important the EMR sources are in our daily lives. Thus, we cannot simply say avoid them or block them because we need these things to fully function as a modern society.

How Does EMF Affect Our Daily Life?

Your home is never free from radiation. Any appliance plugged into an electrical source emits EMF regardless if it’s turned on or not.

Whenever you are close to a specific appliance, you are receiving a full-strength low-frequency EMF. Its strength decreases when you move away from it.

The mobile phones that we are constantly and almost permanently attached to are also giving us EMF. All of the devices like computer screens, televisions and microwaves lend us EMF that gets absorbed in our system.

Are these radiations bad?

At a certain threshold, even low-frequency EMF can be damaging to humans. The body is made up of biologically charged particles. Even without an external magnetic force, tiny electrical currents are produced due to the chemical reactions that take place in the normal body processes.

When exposed to sufficiently high EMFs, the nerves and muscles get stimulated and affect the biological processes.

The World Health Organization recognizes the biological health hazards that EMFs cause. That is why they are also tapping into research efforts to pool current knowledge.

Earthing as a Solution to EMF

The human body is ingeniously designed to adapt to different influences, even magnetic fields. However, it doesn’t always have an adequate compensation mechanism for all biological changes. When the system is stressed for a long period, such changes can pose a health hazard.

Fortunately for us, researchers never stop finding ways to help the body adjust to biological changes. One of the most powerful ways of EMF protection is through earthing.

Earthing takes the concept of grounding an electrical system. You see, electric appliances in our home are wired to the ground to prevent damage from the electric surges.

As an electrically charged being, grounding the body may also prevent such damage and bring more health benefits.

Direct body contact with the ground reduces the actions of the ions. It may also deflect the surrounding EMF.

How Does Earthing Work?

Connecting your body to the ground helps it absorb the free electrons on the Earth. These electrons help rebalance the electrical activity inside the body. They help reduce free radicals, fight chronic inflammation and prevent muscle damage.

Preliminary trials also prove that grounding stabilizes blood pressure and improves blood circulation. It may decrease the cortisol or stress hormone and improve sleep quality.

How to Ground

Grounding is done simply by contacting the Earth directly with bare skin. It is easier done by walking barefoot on the Earth or spending the night sleeping on the ground.

You can also absorb the free electrons by swimming in natural bodies of water.

If unable to do it outdoors, you can also do grounding indoors using grounding products. They are available in a variety of forms, such as:

  • Earthing mat
  • Grounding sheets
  • Socks
  • Pillowcase
  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket

Sleeping or resting on a grounding material for at least 20 minutes daily can bring about the same effects as doing it outdoors. Many young professionals are now embracing grounding in their lifestyle to cut them some slack from workplace EMF exposure.

There are a lot of ongoing studies to prove the effectiveness of grounding. How grounding mats and EMF levels relate are also being studied to attest to the many emerging positive anecdotal evidence.


Electromagnetic field sources have long been the focus of health concerns. While you can’t run away from them, you can most certainly counteract them with these grounding devices. 

So,  wherever you go, you can maintain that chemical balance within yourself and prevent the progress of a debilitating disease.

Grounding indoors is made possible by earthing products such as Hooga. These are materials you can easily use by plugging into the electrical grounding port of an electrical outlet. Hooga has grounding mats, sheets and other products available to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Now, you can safely ground yourself whenever and wherever possible in small efforts but for large benefits.

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