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Red Light Therapy Beds

Imagine soaking up the benefits of these glowing wonders; from skin rejuvenation to a mood boost – right in the comfort of your own home. Unlock the secrets to healthy skin and holistic wellness with the red light therapy beds. 

Transform your self-care routine and embrace the glow from within. So, why wait? Keep on reading and find out how red light therapy beds work and explore other amazing treatments in the world of red light therapy. You won't want to miss out on this!

Unveiling the Magic: Working of RLT Beds

These glowing beds are set to revolutionize self-care routines everywhere. But how do they work their wonders? Think of it like a sunshine-filled hug for your skin. These beds shine special light (red and near-infrared) that goes into your skin, making your cells more energetic and helping to create more of the stuff that keeps your skin firm and flexible.

When your cells are bursting with energy, they kick into high gear, becoming super-efficient at replication and repair.

That's the magic of red light therapy beds. But the benefits don't stop there! Red light therapy beds have been hailed for their ability to ease muscle tension, soothe joint pain, and even improve mood and sleep quality. It's like a spa day, and a therapy session rolled into one!

Red light therapy, also called photobiomodulation, reduces inflammation, sparking a cascade of beneficial effects in your body. Think of red light, around 630-660 nanometers (nm), as your skin's speedy healer. It's like a magic wand for wounds, zapping wrinkles and fine lines, and even dealing with tricky skin stuff like dark spots and pesky pimples. 

Now, near-infrared waves, between 810 to 850 nm, they're like the superheroes of deep skin care. They dive deep, fighting inflammation, pumping up collagen, and tackling all sorts of skin troubles head-on.

So, whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or supercharge your self-care routine, consider adding a red light therapy bed to your arsenal.

The Perks of Using RLT Beds

In a sea of red light therapy gadgets—from handheld devices to panels, wraps, masks, and therapy beds—all promising health boosts and skin rejuvenation, what sets the "bed method" apart? Let's uncover its unique advantages.

LED beds offer a haven of convenience and comfort for addressing both localized discomfort and broader wellness needs. You can recline in a relaxed, prone position reminiscent of basking in sunlight, providing a soothing experience ideal for alleviating discomfort. Whether it's easing muscle soreness, tackling skin issues, or alleviating chronic pains, these versatile marvels are your all-in-one solution for holistic well-being.

The bed emits minimal heat, ensuring you stay comfortably cozy while you unwind, meditate, drift into sleep, or simply revel in some well-deserved "me time."

In contrast to tanning beds, red light and infrared light don't emit harmful UV radiation, which means your skin is safe from any potential harm or damage. With its magic touch, the Red Light bed dives deep into your skin, all the way down to the dermis layer and even into that cozy subcutaneous fatty layer, speeding up skin healing like a superhero!

Drawbacks of Red Light Therapy Beds

While LED light therapy beds pack a punch in effectiveness, they do pose a couple of challenges beyond just accessibility.


LED therapy beds aren't for everyone; skip them if you're pregnant or have conditions like claustrophobia, epilepsy, low blood pressure, or are on meds that heighten sensitivity to light. And remember, while photodynamic therapy can be effective against certain cancers, it's strictly a job for the pros, never a DIY affair.

Weak Power Output

Intensity matters in low-level light therapy (LLLT); whether it's a bed or panel, higher light output means more potent effects. Red light beds offer about 100 mW/cm2, but a panel packs way more punch, almost double, making them ideal for full-body treatments.

Large Size

RLT beds demand quite a bit of room, akin to tanning beds, making them a tight fit for smaller homes. You’ll likely need to hit up a gym, spa, or tanning salon for a session. Just keep in mind the extra trip adds to the price tag of your LED bed experience.

Considering the downsides of LED beds and the hassle of treatment, we suggest a superior alternative: RLT panels. These offer more effectiveness and convenience for at-home therapy.

Want to try RLT panels or other red light therapy products in the home? Browse our selection of red light therapy devices at Hooga today.
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