Red Light Therapy & Blood Flow

Red Light Therapy & Blood Flow

Inside all of us, many moving parts are working together to keep us going. Fortunately, it all moves automatically, and we should never have to concentrate on it thanks to the human body's design, but that doesn't mean everything always runs smoothly.

Blood flow or blood circulation is crucial for a healthy body that can function properly and heal itself. Red blood cells move around the body constantly, carrying oxygen and multiplying to help heal wounds. Without this, injuries and wounds would take a longer time to recover or not recover properly, which would lead to long-lasting chronic problems.

Weak circulation can be genetic or the result of a medical condition, such as venous insufficiency or obesity, but regardless we can all agree that it's not pleasant to have.

Blood flow: More important than you think

Blood flow, as previously mentioned, is of enormous importance to how our system functions. Without it, slow blood circulation can cause a lack of oxygen to parts of the body, sore muscles, blue or pale skin pigmentation, numbness, weak blood clotting, and slow healing wounds, to name a few.

It's also connected to conditions and diseases of the heart and diabetes, so needless to say, we cannot stress more the importance of healthy blood flow inside the body. Of course, the typical recommendation to help anyone who suffers from this problem is changing their diet, exercising more, and learning stress coping techniques.

While we recommend trying any of those out as they are all positive, light therapy, specifically red light therapy, has proven to be quite impactful to improve blood flow further.

What is red light therapy?

Light therapy comes in all types of colors, each with its health benefits to certain health problems. But whether you are dealing with sleep deprivation, muscle inflammation, or skin problems, red light therapy has you covered.

The treatment involves a red light therapy device that emits low wavelength red and near-infrared light through the skin, stimulating cellular healing and rejuvenation. As we mentioned before, it is used for improving blood flow and a variety of health issues that we normally would turn to surgery or medication as a solution. With this non-invasive method, the human body is treated on a cellular level, working from the inside out.

How it works to improve blood flow

While using red light therapy and focusing on your diet, exercise, and sleeping routine, you can see positive results much quicker as the healing process is sped up naturally. The red light helps the blood cells move, gives problematic areas more oxygen, and pushes out nasty toxins.

This is because the heat and low wavelength light can affect the body on a cellular level and promote rejuvenation. Using the light for short 10 minute sessions each day can do wonders to the internal functioning inside the body. Just remember that red light therapy, although beneficial, is not a magic stick to all your health issues, so do not ignore improving your lifestyle as well!

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